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About me

Why am I photographing?

Because I loved nature since I can remember. When I was a young child I used to browse through geography books and see the images of far-away landscapes. African landscapes with amazing sunsets and acacia trees were pretty common for me back then. Later on, when I got my hands on a camera, a new hobby emerged.

I'm a regular guy driven by it's hobbies. I love nature and I especially like mountains and forests. Doesn't mater if I explore it by foot or riding the bicycle, nature always manages to fulfill me and bring joy in my life. Sometimes I learn to set aside my photo equipment and just admire the show nature has to offer.  I think we are designed to enjoy nature. We are part of it, even though the frenetic urban life moves us more and more from it. So, what I do when I go out there, is somehow a return to normality.

My images aren't a reproduction of reality because they represent a small part of it, a piece of it from a specific time and place. And most importantly, my images represent the way I perceived reality at a given time. That's for sure one of the reasons that makes photography beautiful: it's subjectivity. But whenever I take, edit or post a photo I always strive to keep it as close as possible to the image I saw with my own eyes.

I hope that when you view my photographs, you will feel at least some of the emotions which I experienced while traveling. I do hope that through the images you will see here you will appreciate and enjoy nature even more. And if they motivate you to go out and explore, than that's all it matters.

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